Hamza Hakimzoda Niyozi (1889-1929)

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Hamza is a statesman of jadid literature, poet, playwriter, writer and teacher. He was born in 1889 in Kokan. He studied in an old school, madrasah and modern school. Hamza was one of the active organizers of the methods of Jadid schools. He opened such schools in 1910 in Tashkent, in 1911 in Kokan, in 1914 in Margilan and Kokand. He dealt with teaching and agitation. At the end of 1910’s he began publishing newspapers and magazines. “Kengash” (1917), “Hurriyat” (1917) journals were issued and edited by him. In 1918 Hamza organized a dramtroop. He wrote dramas himself for this troop. According to his “Biography” he was a director, actor and prompter too. He had been to China, Hindistan, Afganistan, Iran, Turkey and Arabia. He came back to Kokand in 1920 and worked in the field of education.

At the end of that year he went to Buhara. He lived there almost a year. At the end of 1921 he went to Tashkent, then to Horezm and he worked there. From Horezm he went to H’ojaili and worked till July, 1924 at boarding school which was opened by him.

In 1924 he went to Fergana in order to organise collective farms and to open schools. In March 18, 1938 he was killed by throwing stones.

The idea of the national Renaissance is expressed in poet’s poems such as “Gul” (1913-1916), “Milliy ashulalar uchun milliy she’rlar majmuasi” (1915-1917), “Yig’la Turkiston”, “Yaxshi holin yo’qotgan oqibatsiz Turkiston”, “Ko’zni oching, qardoshlar”, “Darmon istarsiz”.

As a playwriter Hamza wrote “Zaharli hayot yohud ishq qurbonlari” (1916), “Tuhmatchilar jazosi” (1919), “Burungi qozilar yoki Maysaraning ishi” (1926), “Paranji sirlaridan bir lavha yoki Yallachilar ishi” (1927).

He was interested in the world literature and Mass Media. He read the literature of Russia, Tataristan, Azarbaijon, Turkey and Arabia. He was interested in those countries’ education.

The professor of National University of Uzbekistan L. Qayumov has been making some research works on the creation of Hamza for many years. Besides him, scientists such as, M. Rahmonov, Yu. Sultonov also made some research works.

The name of Hamza is given to one of the districts of Tashkent.

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Scientific literature.
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