Erkin Vohidov

Category: Uzbek modern poetry Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013

ERKIN VOHIDOV, national poet of Uzbekistan, statesman, he published many books, translated works of many authors from classical literature. Currently he is working for Uzbek Senate.


Though the teapot is a proud
But it always bows to cup.
Thus why be such cocky, bold,
What for wanted hubris – sharp?

Be modest, simple, not to set foot -
In the step of pride, no up!
So the people kiss in good,
From the forehead of the cup.


All of a sudden Matmusa’s
Donkey became very black.
None can approach to it
Neither from the front, nor back.

This mongrel began to break
Even rope that’s two-ply,
When it screams the whole world
Will be ruined from the fright.

It’s impossible to ride,
Ass may throw men as a ball.
Enough of that! Now Matmusa
Will sell it, get rid of at all.

But there is a market rule
From the very old years:
What you sell then you should tell
All its fault right in the place.

Poor Matmusa’s in trouble,
He is on the crisis way -
If he tells the faults of ass
Every man will go away

Keeping silence is a sin!
Matmusa thought much of it.
He went to market fast at last,
Cried aloud in the street:

People, people, come nearby
I have cheapest thing to buy
Never think it’s only ass -
Ten horses power it has.

Translated by Azam Abidov

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